Sunday, January 30, 2011

Music Man

We had a lot of fun playing with this new toy from Jeff & Nina in Florida. Maybe we have a budding musician in the making...

6 Months Old

Can't believe Ethan is already 6 months old. Loving his smiley and laid back personality and soaking up all the cuddle time I can get knowing that as soon as he becomes mobile he'll prefer to be on the go rather than snuggle with mommy. He's close to mastering sitting and when he has had enough of his jumperoo or exersaucer he raises his arms to be picked up. Still can't feel or see any teeth but from the amount of drool and time spent nawing on Sophie they could show up any day. He is taking five 6oz bottles a day, sleeps like a champ from 9pm - 8am, and takes 3 naps a day. "Talks" a lot, even in his sleep, but no dada or mama yet. E has his 6 month check up this Friday and we'll get a game plan from his pediatrician on starting solids. So going to enjoy this last week of bottles only before the messy and time consuming feeding process kicks off on Saturday. Was really excited to find out that daycare provides rice cereal and baby food for him during the day. They use Gerber brand so we'll go with that during the week but I plan on stocking up on Earth's Best brand for our meals at home. We sure love our little man and are so thankful that he has been happy and healthy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost Sitting!

It's amazing how much progress E has made with sitting in just a week. Now I can put him between my legs and use them as "bumpers" without needing to hold him around the waist. Last night we played with his super fun LeapFrog drum from Uncle Matt and he used it to catch his balance on his own.

Fun with Faces

E's latest thing is to grab on to noses, ears, or lips - he is fascinated! Hair and jewelery are also favorites, but Uncle Trent's glasses were a highlight on Sunday.

My Auntie is Awesome

Ethan had so much fun with Aunt Katie on Sunday, especially watching the deer through the window!

Ethan's Lovie

I learned in my baby class that the latest SIDs guidelines allows 4+ month old babies to have a "lovie" with them in the crib as long as it's smaller than 13" x 13" and is a breathable fabric. Apparently this helps them self sooth and becomes a comfort object that goes everywhere with them. Angel Dear got rave reviews so I picked up the puppy blankie awhile back and Ethan has a new best bud! I plan accumulating a secret stash to last through the next several years as I'm sure we'll lose or destroy several. So now you've met the trifecta - Mr. Bear for pictures, Sophie for teething, and puppy for loving ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mi Familia

Apparantley E will soon start to recognize familiar faces so we filled his "look book" with pics of his grandparents, aunties, and uncles. We flip through it frequently. Sorry guys - right now his favorite thing is to naw on your faces ;)

My Toys!

Apparently one toy was not enough so we gave E the whole basket and he was one happy camper!

Our Rockstar

I'm letting Ethan carry on my college nickname. I'm not sure if it was the overachieving academics/extra-curiculers or my secret beer-bonging talent that earned me the D Crew code name but I will happily pass it along to our angel baby - he deserves it!


Um I'm in love with E's chubby thighs! I adore them :) He is starting to catch on to peek-a-boo and had so much fun playing under the covers! Also lovin our new outfit from the babyGap outlet - E has been blessed with so many clothes as gifts but I sure enjoy picking out an outfit every once in a while!

Musical Turtle

Who knew such a toy existed? Push the button and a music and light show ensues - Ethan likes!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Heart My Shape Tree!

The Exasaucer has all sorts of bells and whistles but E's favorite toy on it is this simple shape tree that has a mirror on one side and cutouts for a triangle, circle, and square on the other. Go figure!

Bath Time Fun

E was momentarily interested in splashing until he noticed the shinny faucet and became fixated on it. My aunt talked us down from buzzing his hair and had us trim a little bit off the ends. It lays a little better and isn't quite as straggly. Looking forward to his 1st official haircut in March when we're in Chicago!