Saturday, April 30, 2011

9 Month Dr. Appointment

Weight: 17.5 Lbs (10%)
Length: 27.25 Inches (20%)
Head: 17.75 Inches (50%)

Ethan got a good report at his 9 month well baby visit on Friday. He was a sleepy little bear when we arrived but perked up once we took his clothes off. He is a light weight right now but the Dr. said he looks perfect and on track developmentally and isn't concerned at all. An ear infection, cutting a tooth, and a chest infection in the past few weeks have contributed to the dip - he weighed 18lbs when we were in on Monday for his chest. He's tanked his bottle and gobbled up his Plum Banana Brown Rice breakfast this morning so his appetite is back and he'll be back on his way up in no time.

It's been a crazy week - Easter in DSM, taking care of E with his chest infection, a Twins game, another surgery for Grandma Jan, the Royal Wedding, a big promotion at work for me, and a wedding downtown today - go go go. Haven't had time to blog - Mr. Man is starting to army crawl and is a squirmy wormy at all times so gone are the days of posting updates while he plays. Wanted to at least get these up while he naps and will catch up from Easter on when I can. Cheers!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Floater Alert

E was having a great time in the bathtub until he pooped which ended the fun.

New ISU Gear

We're feeling the Cyclone spirit in this cute onsie from Great Grandma Verla - we're getting pretty good at high fives so he'll be ready for football season this fall!

Daddy's Favorite Outift

Brian felt pretty cool with Ethan wearing this outfit - thanks Merrick Family! I see lots of track suites and gym clothes ahead for this little future athlete...

Of all his new toys these stacking cups are his favorite - so fun!

Playing in Church Clothes

While we still have no clue what suburb we'll end up in we figured it was about time we stopped using that as an excuse so we're going to start going to Grace in Eden Prairie regularly. As we've "shopped" around this has been our favorite. So last Sunday off we went and were even brave enough to try out the nursery for E. It was quite the sophisticated operation - electronic registration, pager, ID tags - the works. He had a lot of fun in the bumblebee room and the ladies loved having him because he sat in their laps and cuddled the whole time. The music and message were great - I think it'll be a good home for us but it's huge which is intimidating so we'll need to find a small group so we can meet some cool peeps.

Go Boom!

E sure loves making things go boom! We can barely build or stack them up fast enough before he takes a swipe at it which is usually followed by a squeal of delight and then clapping - so cute!

Easter Bunny Came Early!

Were heading to Iowa for Easter Weekend so the Easter Bunny hopped on over a week early with all sorts of fun toys and clothes. I had lots of fun shopping for summer outfits and wanted to pick up some toys that were the next step up developmentally. As tempting as the electronic ones were with all the bells and whistles, I ended up sticking to the basics and am so glad I did - he loves them! I was disappointed in Baby Gap's Spring line and just picked up the puppy dog onsie with the bones in it's tummy in honor of Bella. I don't know if it's their annoying advertising or music blaring but I've always hated Old Navy but swung in a whim and found some really great non-cutesy outfits for cheap so I may just have to convert. Rounded out the collection with a couple twins outfits - can't wait to take him to his first game!

Little Bear on the Prowl!

Our chilly spring has allowed us to get extra use out of this cute little winter snow suit. We went on a lovely 4 miles walk yesterday and E did great!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Food!

E has mastered all of the 1st fruits and veggies so last weekend I stocked up on a smorgasbord of 2nd level baby food. He's turned into such a great eater - so glad he hasn't had any alergic reactions and that the eppy pen has not left the box. This level is a little chunkier and is more "exotic" in terms of flavors. So far it's been a success - raspberries, blueberries, green beans + rice, mango chicken risotto, and cranberry turnkey have been a hit. We struck out tonight with the tender beef and spinach - daddy likes a good steak so I thought it would be a hit but apparently he's not a fan yet! Still no interest in cheerios or puffs - in fact he gags until he throws up if you try to force it.

I can tell he's full when he get squirlly and starts to play with his food, including grabbing the spoon and trying to feed himself :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crawl Practice Part II

Nothing like a cold/snowy April weekend to get caught up on blogging!