Monday, May 30, 2011

Handsome Little Man

We went to a BBQ last night and dressed E up so he looked spiffy for the party - love him in a polo and khakis :)

Puppy Cage

What's a puppy to do?

Beeline for Bella

Now that E is cruising it seems like there is a magnet in all of the things he shouldn't touch as he makes a beeline for them, especially Bella's food and water dishes. We end up having to keep them off the ground a lot - poor Bella girl. The bell she is supposed to ring when she has to go potty has turned into one of E's favorite toys, leaving the puppy pretty confused.

Curious Boy

E is getting into everything and quickly showing us what still needs to be baby proofed! So far the pillows are working well.

Mashed Potatoes

Since mashed potatoes are mommy's favorite veggie we thought we'd let Ethan give them a try since they were nice and creamy. They were a hit, although he probably had more fun playing with them than eating them.

Happy Boy

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chillen at Cuzzy's

Saturday night we hung out downtown with our good family friends The Koeglers. Katie had us all over for yummy drinks and appetizers. The fancy restaurants in the North Loop were packed so we walked over to Cuzzy's - a fabulous local dive bar that has great food. Not exactly the kind of place that has a highchair but they were very accommodating and we had a lot of fun writing Ethan's name on a dollar bill adding it to their wall collection!

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Ethan helped Grandpa and Uncle Trent transfer the three survivors from their indoor winter home to their summer pond!

Farmer Ethan?

For being a city boy E sure wore his John Deere onsie well! Love to our favorite South Dakota Farmers ;)

Silly Boy

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laundry Basket Fun

Baby Proofing

The week he started crawling we did the first round of baby proofing. Picked up enough outlet covers to secure the two main rooms he roams in and after multiple different attempts with different contraptions for the beautiful but triple threat coffee table we gave up and relocated it downstairs and replaced it with two square leather ottomans with no sharp corners. Luckily my mom keeps the place super clean and has a no clutter policy (we lovingly call her "The General") and has a modern minimalist approach when it comes to decorating so there really wasn't much else we needed to hide or put away. I can imagine drawer/cabinet locks will be our next challenge but think we're in the clear for a couple weeks.

My First Mother's Day

Brian and Ethan made my first Mother's Day very special. Ethan wore his "My Mom Rocks" onsie and I'm pretty sure he was typing me a thank you note on his laptop when we took this picture ;)

That morning we drove out to the Western Suburbs to "window shop" in a couple housing developments that I had wanted to check out and then had a lovely champagne brunch at Crave. Then they sent me off to the spa for some pampering which felt amazing. My dad, brother, and sister whipped up a tasty dinner for us to round out the relaxing day.

Baby Bear Goes Golfing

The Davis Family chipping range and putting green is finally open for the season despite this icky spring weather. After swinging we let E test out his new found crawling abilities on the green - Brian is pretty excited that he already has developed an interest in golf ;)