Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Boat Bed!

Since I never got to decorate a nursery, I'm hoping to go all out on E's big boy room this summer. This will be no surprise to my Pinterest friends, but I'm going to do a nautical themed room so there will be navy & white everywhere and lots of boat themed decor.

Our friend Stef made this adorable "E" sign for his room as a housewarming present- she knows me too well :) Pop over to Making Hillsboro Home to see all her brilliant creations!

While I'm in love with this Pottery Barn bed I realized the price was ridiculous so found a knock-off that will do. Lucky for me Amy stumbled upon the exact bed I was looking at on Craig's List so we trekked over to check it out and got a great deal on it! Will keep E in the crib as long as we can as we like the idea of him being contained, but when it's time to transition I hope he loves his new bed! For now it's a great place to read books and play.

Wow - you're probably blogged out. Feels great to clear out the rest of the 2011 photos - I feel so guilty when I get behind. Cheers to 2012!

A Trip to the Sea

No visit to MN is complete without a trip to the Mall of America. We packed up the strollers and headed over on Monday and had fun taking the kiddos so Sea Life Aquarium. E was pretty enthralled in the underwater tunnels with the creatures swimming overhead and there was lots of pointing and squealing "ishies!"

Dinners Out Are A Little Different Now

Our days of checking out new swanky restaurants are numbered. Instead we opted for the closest kid-friendly place in Maple Grove which also happens to be Brian's favorite - 3 Squares. They had goldfish crackers and crayons to keep them entertained in their highchairs long enough for us to quickly eat dinner and scoot home before any meltdowns happened. Still fun to get out, just a little different now :)

New Years Fever

Little man was running a low temp and was crankier that usual which was a bummer, but thought he looked a little like Linus from Peanuts dragging his lovie around with his hair disheveled. Ava let us borrow her Elmo movie during our lunchtime meltdown and it did wonders, so we have quickly expanded our DVD collection over the last month as he is hooked.

Reliving Our Glory Days

We made quite the pair back in the day :) We bundled up and took the party down to the basement and while the guys played pool and darts Amy and I found my college photo albums and had so much fun flipping through them while sipping champagne. Oh the memories!

All Partied Out

We headed home pretty early as the babies were sleepy and it had started to snow. Once they were tucked we broke out the drinks and celebrated well into the night!

Partying with My Maids of Honor!

Can't believe that was 6 years ago - so fun to have my favorite ladies by my side again!

Watching the Choo Choos

NYE 2011 - This is How We Roll

We headed downtown for Katie + Sam's NYE party at their swanky loft in the north loop. E + A slept in their strollers for a little while then woke up to party.

Speed Bathing

We had a NYE Party to get ready for and two babies who needed baths, so we plopped them both in at the same time and had a ball watching them. Both kept standing up in the tub, ignoring our "bottoms down" instructions so they got pulled out pretty quick for being naughty but seemed quite pleased with themselves.

NYE Wild Game

John is a big NHL fan and Brian has become has become a hockey fan since moving to MN, so we sent the boys off to St. Paul on NYE to catch while we hung out with the kiddos as they promised to send us to the spa the next day for some pampering. E looked pretty snazzy in his new jersey - maybe next year he can go to a game with daddy.

New Years Weekend with the Bednarz Fam!

We had so much fun with our visitors from Washington DC over New Years weekend! My best friend Amy, her husband John, and my goddaughter Miss Ava flew in Friday and stayed till Tuesday - loved getting to spend so much time with them! This was the first time Ethan and Ava met - good thing they got along swimmingly as they have a lifetime of hanging out ahead of them - first over family vacations together but Amy and I are already planning their wedding ;) E is 8 months older, but you'd never know it by looking at them as A is already cruising around and is fearless. Despite having the cutest little Cyclones cheering them on, Iowa State lost their bowl game.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't Bother Me - Can't You See I'm Working?


Bella's food and water dishes seem to have an Ethan magnet in them! These two have been best buds recently - he loves his "Lella" - close enough ;)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Christmas 2011 Wrap-Up

Clearing out the rest of the Christmas randoms from my phone/camera - these are in no particular order - E sure loved all his toys!

I got up early with the crazies on 12/26 to load up on 50% off Christmas bargains so that our house will be decked out for the season next year. Really excited to finally have a proper Christmas tree! The one I got has a switch you can flip to change the lights from white to multi-colored! Super excited about this nifty feature as I like white, gold, and silver holiday decor and I'm pretty sure E will want colors so we can have both now :)