Monday, July 25, 2011

12 Month Photos - Sneak Peak

Friday we took E to the studio for his 12 month photo shoot with Gruman Photography. He did great for the first 20 minutes but then started to melt down during his tie shots and he was donezo for the smashcake series. Cried and crawled away from it :( Sally posted a couple pictures on her facebook page as a sneak peak - so fun! Can't wait to see the rest in a couple weeks!

Baby in the Window

These rank up there with my favorite photos of E - love the reflections!

Little Golfer

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Remembering Uncle Eric

July 9th was the 6 year anniversary of losing Eric in Iraq. We kept the tradition alive with dinner at TGI Fridays ordering off the Jack Daniels menu and I even took down a Whiskey Sour - eek! Ebear wore his camo proudly. Brian made a good dent in the bottle of Jack but saved some for Nate to help with when we see them next. We love and miss you Eric!

Real Milk & Food!

On one hand I'm thrilled that the end is in sight for buying formula and making bottles! On the other I want to cry because my favorite thing in the world is holding little man in my lap and snuggling in while feeding him his bottle. Easing into the transition by testing out whole milk for the first time last weekend. He didn't dislike it so we'll take it. Getting more adventurous with finger food as well and he looked like such a big boy on his daddy's shoulders!

Rare Family Pics

I take 99% of the pics around here so I'm never in them and if I am in them I usually don't like them, so I was pretty excited to get a few blog acceptable pics last Friday. Brian and I were heading out for dinner and drinks with Allan & Hilary and my mom snapped a couple for us as we were running out the door.

Have Ethan's 12 month photo shoot on Friday, the 22nd so hoping we get some cute ones. Been debating whether or not I should get E's hair cut beforehand. It's getting on the shaggy side but both grandmas are holding out hope for more curls.

Crawling Around

Big Boy Pool

It's been hot hot hot in Minnesota these past few weeks. I had last Friday off so E, grandma and I hit the pool. We loved the zero entry pool - great for playing with our stacking cups!

Pick Pocket

Someone found grandpa's wallet...

Early Birthday Present

We gave E his birthday present a couple weeks early as we thought it would be better to learn to walk with a toy than furniture! It's been a hit so far although he seems to enjoy riding on it more than walking with it ;)

Walking with Help!

Ethan gave us a fun 4th of July surprise by "walking" for the first time that Monday! He pulled himself up to a stand on the kitchen bar stool and when I turned around he was pushing it accoss the floor! I was able to get him on video pushing/walking with his music table that afternoon - so proud!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mama's Laundry Helper

Cabin - Beach Boy!

Had a great afternoon at the Cross Lake Public Beach on Sunday - loved the wonderment and curiosity in E's eyes as he explored. Hope to find some fun local beaches in the twin cities this summer and can't wait to take this boy to the ocean!