Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ethan had a wonderful 1st Halloween. We celebrated over at my parents house and he was the cutest little bear ever :) A huge thank you again to my mom for sewing his costume!

E-Bear came down with a cold this weekend so he was a slightly grumpy/tired little bear - despite our best efforts we couldn't coax a smile out of him in costume :(

We made it to 4 houses trick or treating but he fell asleep in Brian's arms 2 houses in - guess he knew the chilly weather means it's time to hibernate!

Bella was Tinkerbell again this year - she makes a lovely little fairy. She turns into a completely different dog when we put an outfit on her - submissive, obedient, and shy - kind of a nice change ;) She was on door duty with grandpa and made lots of little trick or treaters smile.

When we were little my mom used to spend hours making a Halloween themed dinner for us and she resurected the tradition for us this year despite feeling under the weather - what a trooper! Gotta love the monster meatloaf, pea brains, goolish mashed potatoes, and pumpkin shaped bread...yummy!

"Scary" Story Time with Grandpa Davis

Our Little Pumpkin

Ethan loved his Halloween care package from Grandma Woods! We've had lots of fun reading the books and playing with the toys.

Thanks for the Halloween shirts Jamie!

Rockin and a Rollin

E is getting pretty close to rolling over from his tummy to his back! Another week or two and I think he'll be a pro!

Uncle Trent (aka Coach) was practicing with him again today...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

13 Weeks Old

We are now the proud parents of a 3 month old! He'll be towering over Mr. Bear is no time and it's getting easier to take his weekly picture as he "sits" much better leaning against the chair instead of flopping over. I think we're only a week or two away from bringing out the Bumbo chair and a month away from the Exasaucer and Jumperoo - oh boy! New this week is that he is starting to intentionally bat at his toys on his playmat and he'll entertain himself for quite a while just like this: