Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Been A While

Why hello there! Life + keeping up with a toddler has left zero time for blogging this Spring. We were gone 6 weekends in a row which added to the chaos. I miss it and hope to get back to it. The last 4 months have been a blur - I actually had to refer back to my Facebook page and Google calendar to remind myself all that has happened. We're alive and kicking and have a happy healthy little man who never ceases to amaze us!

Life in review since February:

 *My brother Trent moved back to Minneapolis this winter! Had a great job waiting for him and I'm not sure who was more excited to have him back in town - my mom, his fabulous girlfriend Allie, or Ethan ;)

 *Brian's position at RJF was eliminated at the end of February. We took it in stride but never a fun situation, especially have just buying a new house.

 *Ethan had his big surgery on March 9th. He had a bilateral orchiopexy to correct undescended testicles. He came through like a champ and happy to report that the goods are in prestige condition now ;)

 *My twin sister Katie got engaged in March! So happy for her and Sam and we can't wait for their wedding on October 27th, 2012! We are so honored to be a part of their big day - I'll be at Katie's side as the matron of honor, Brian's a groomsmen, and Ethan is the ring bear. Woot woot!

 *Have made 3 trips to Chicago, 2 trips to Des Moines, 2 trips to New York (work), and 1 trip to Okoboji, IA this spring. All were fun, but I hate living out of a suitcase and long drives so pretty excited for a month without travel ahead!

 *Brian accepted a great job offer with Paychex Insurance Agency in May as an employee benefits consultant. So proud of him! He did an amazing job networking and dove into his job search head first. He picked up the slack around the house for me during a crazy few months at my job.

 *My brother proposed to Allie over Memorial Day weekend in Okoboji! We were in on the secret and part of the surprise BBQ by the lake after he popped the big question - so fun! The weekend turned into a mini-vacation with the fam - we had a great time! They're planning an August 31st, 2013 wedding - can't wait!

 *I coordinated a wedding the weekend of June 2nd. It went really well and the bride and groom were awesome - it was a beautiful wedding. Ended the night exhausted to the core. Realized as I was driving home at 11pm that I hadn't eaten since breakfast or used the restroom since lunch. Long day, but the bride and mother of the bride we're happy so it was worth it!

Think I covered the biggies! All is well and feel very blessed to be where we are right now. Hard to believe E will be two in less than a month! He is all toddler and keeping us on our toes - will try and get some more photos up soon!  :::hugs::: Kyle