Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Fall 2012

Home Sick hanging with  Clifford

Patiently watching for daddy to come home


Grilling up a hotdog

Go Cyclones!

"Teddy was naughty, he go to timeout"

I Jump Up High!

We got this trampoline for E awhile back but late summer/early fall is when he really started to use it.  Great way to get some energy out - he loves it!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ring Bearer Debut - Chicago

Showing great  Uncle Kenny his mad Goldbug finding skills at the rehearsal dinner
Enjoying the luxury accommodations
Feeding the duckies in downtown St. Charles

Ready to report for duty!

On deck for photos - chillen by the river with Caden

Photo shoot freak-out - so sorry Chris & Amanda!

Meltdown at his big photo op  - would only let Uncle Trent hold him 
All better 
Here they come - holding hands and looking sharp!
Professional Photo by Lauren Wakefield

Ethan spotted grandpa and stopped to chat
He did it!
Enjoying having a babysitter during the reception and the open bar ;)
Getting the party started
Had a great trip to Chicago Sept 28-30th!  Enjoyed celebrating my cousin Chris and his lovely bride Amanda's wedding at the gorgeous Herrington Inn & Spa in downtown St. Charles.  Ethan had the honor of being a ring bearer along with his partner in crime, my cousin Andrew's son Caden.  These two were so fun to watch together and we were proud parents that they made it down the aisle!  Love family weddings - a great time was had by all!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Up North 2012

Breakfast at Tobies in Hinkley - playing peekaboo with grandpa across the booths

Gooseberry Falls

Artists Point

Bonfire + beers on the beach


I heart my fam!

Oberon Trail = beautiful!

Hiking = tired boy

We had a great getaway up north in Grand Marais Sept 22-24th with the Davis Fam!  Much different experience with a toddler instead of a 2 month old this time - lots of great memories were made :)