Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This is How We Roll

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Ethan sure enjoyed his first Christmas in Des Moines. Brian's family spoiled him with love and presents. Good thing we have a big SUV - it was packed to the brim. Took 2 carts to bring everything up to the condo and we barely fit in the elevator.

We worked Monday & Tuesday and are now packing up to hit the road again. We'll ring in the New Year in Kansas City after Amy's baby shower - can't wait to see my favorite ladies and for them to meet Ethan! Took a ton of pics from Christmas weekend but probably won't be able to get them online till next week. These were on my phone from the trip home - traveling with a baby sure is a lot of work!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Meeting Santa

E finally got to meet Santa this morning. Valley West Mall got the best Santa review so we headed over there. We were allowed to take 2 pics - Brian snuck in a 3rd - and while there were no tears there were also no smiles:

Turns out that waiting until Christmas Eve was brilliant as there were only 3 people ahead of us in line and we were in and out of the mall in 10 minutes flat.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 Months Old

It's about time to switch from weekly pics to monthly pics with Mr. Bear. Little man is 5 months old today - craziness! This week he discovered his legs and is a kicking machine. He likes to grab his feet with his hands and is taking after his mommy and sleeping with one leg out ;)

20 Week Photo Shoot

Our Christmas card will *hopefully* be arriving in your mailboxes tomorrow. We had a lot of fun at our photoshoot with Brooke Jakubov Photography and are really happy with how the pics of E turned out. Hope these make you smile - what could be cuter than a naki baby in a santa hat?

Meeting Katie's Sam

Last night we finally got to meet Katie's boyfriend Sam. I knew she really liked him because she made me wait a couple months to meet him. Not that I consider myself very scary, but as Brian can attest, meeting your girlfriend's twin sister is pretty intimidating knowing how much weight the opinion carries. A bottle of champagne, 2 bottles of wine, and lots of beer was enjoyed by all and we had a great time. No worries Sam, you passed the twin test with flying colors. You wouldn't have made the blog if you didn't ;)

Sam brought over some yummy craft beer - brilliant as this is the quickest way to Brian's good side! Ethan took an interest in daddy's beverage - in 20 years and 7 months they can enjoy a cold one together ;) Ethan wore his Baby Gap "mountain man" onsie that Aunt Katie got him for Christmas - he's looks ready for an adventure!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Davis Family Christmas 2010

We'll be in Des Moines with the Woods Clan this year for Christmas so we had an early celebration with my family on Sunday - so fun!

What Davis celebration would be complete without Mimosas to kick off the day? My mom made brie egg bake and monkey bread for breakfast - she sure knows my favorites - so yummy!

Ethan and Grandma looking festive in their Holiday attire

Family Photos by the tree - E was fascinated with the lights!

Bella sure loved her gifts - she wanted to play with them immediately

We're so grateful to my parents for getting Ethan his convertible carseat. He should be ready to transition into this in a few months and he'll be riding in style for years to come in this bad boy.

Brian got a gorgeous Hickey Freeman suit so he can be a high roller for important client meetings!

What girl doesn't get butterflies at the sight of that little teal box? You can only imagine Bella & my excitement to open the Return to Tiffany Toggle Heart Bracelet that matches my necklace and a new "Tiffy Blue" bejeweled collar :)

Ethan loved his sock & wrist toys - they entertained him for quite some time!

Opening presents sure is hard work! E talked Aunt Katie into taking a nap with him by the fireplace.

I was pretty excited he didn't spit up on his Christmas church outfit - he sure wears argyle well!

Thanks mom, dad, Katie, & Trent for a great day and for the amazing food and fun gifts. Will miss you guys this weekend. :::hugs:::