Friday, May 18, 2012

Random (Feb 2012)

Watching for Grandma's Car

Trip to DSM (Feb 2012)

We headed down to DSM the weekend of 2/18 to visit Brian's family. E was so glad grandma got to be home from the hospital!
These two had so much fun together with bubbles!
Grandma has the best toys. Once he found the car collection there was no turning back. Who needs a lunchable when there are cars?

Silly Ethan!

E and Bella are too funny to watch together - they just crack us up. They like to play tug-o-war with her toys - this video is one of my favorites.
He sure LOVES his daddy, and his giggle is pretty priceless when tickled.
He's a smart cookie - is getting pretty good at his puzzles. Although when he has a piece turned around and just can't quite get it to fit he starts to cry and throws it across the room.
He learned how to use his remote control car he got for Christmas. So fun, although wish it came with a mute button!

60 Years Young + Vday

"Papa" turned the big 6-0 on 6/13/12. Don't they look alike? E is so lucky to have such an awesome grandpa - we love you so much!
Even though it was grandpa's birthday party Ethan got to open his Valentine's presents from gma & gpa Davis.
The v-day card from great grandma Verla was a big hit!
A big thank you to Aunt Katie and Tana for babysitting Ethan for us so we could sneak in a quick Valentine's dinner. Grabbed burgers and beers and a local pub so not our most romantic 2/14 but sure was nice to get out!