Saturday, April 21, 2012

and we have a floater situation

Having so much fun taking a bath...
"Oh no"
supervising while daddy cleans up...
and it's all good!
Yep - future blackmail material :)


Relieved that E will finally let us get a tooth brush in his mouth, but now he insists on brushing his "teefff" by himself so I'm not sure how much good it does but at least he likes it : )

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Haircut

While E's already had 2 haircuts, this was the first time we took him to a kids salon. It went surprisingly well - had a great experience at Snip-its. Elmo saved the day and distracted him from the action, although he kept turning around and giving the stylist dirty looks which was pretty funny. Since I'm two months behind on blogging his hair is long and shaggy again so we'll be going back shortly. Hoping he'll let us buzz the back/sides next time - he was having none of it. Loved the faux-hawk :)

Sleepy Daddy

This totally cracked me up. E had daddy reading the same Elmo book over and over and over again. I came downstairs and saw that Brian had dozed off and E was just chillen, watching the Republican debate on TV.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Party at Ethan's Loft

Uncle Trent and Miss Allie surprised E with a super sweet disco ball and we've been having crazy rave parties up in the toy room ever since ;)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Gone (Ice) Fishin!

Brian, my dad, and Ethan all became real Minnesota men on February 12th - they went ice fishing for the first time! My mom and I were in Chicago for a bridal shower, and Allie's family graciously invited the boys out to their icehouse on Lake Minnetonka that Sunday. They pulled E in a little sled across the lake - so cute! He got to see a real fishy close up, but was confused that it didn't look his "ishys" - aka goldfish crackers. Such a fun day for the Davis/Woods boys - thanks Bosworth fam!