Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exersauser Fun

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Burnsville with my family and relatives on my mom's side who made the trip up from Chicago. We set a new record of sleeping 18 at my parents house! Took a ton of pics so will try and get them posted over the next week. We busted out the Excersaucer and my cousin Chris had it put together in no time! Ethan had a lot of fun exploring and think that this will entertain him for months to come and help mommy get lots of things done! It was so fun to see my cousin Andrew's son Caden with Ethan and was a great preview of what we have to look forward to in 8 months.

Our Little Turkey

Ethan got a super fun Thanksgiving care package in the mail - Thanks Grandma Woods! I think this book is his new favorite - he loves all the mirrors.

E's got some growing to do before his hands catch up to daddys...

Our little monkey is a kicking machine and likes to grab his toys with his feet!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

18 Weeks Old

Our little man has found his vocal cords and sure likes "telling" us whats on his mind. He rolled back to tummy tonight for the first time all by himself! We've successfully made the transition from my milk to formula. Really proud of myself - my goal was to make it to 3 months pumping and ended up going 4. Loving life without that damn pump - so much more time to enjoy my baby!

Ending Radio Silence

It's been almost a week since I've been able to post - hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Brian went to the Vikings game last Sunday so Ethan and I worked on rolling over some more.

Ethan loved having Stef & Troy over for a steak dinner on Monday - we don't get to see these guys often enough!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rollin Around

We're one shoulder away from rolling back to tummy - I think he'll clear it any day now and we're having lots of fun trying!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

17 Weeks Old

We have a squirmy wormy on our hands - have to take a ton of pics to get a few good ones to post as lots of them are blurry from movement these days!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

5th Anniversary

Brian and I had a wonderful time celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday. We celebrated our first 4 with amazing vacations, and while this wasn't an option this year with a new baby we still wanted to do something special. So we both took the day off and Ebear went to daycare so we could have a "date day." Kicked of the morning with a yummy breakfast at the Good Day Cafe, and then headed over to a spa in St. Paul for a couples massage which felt amazing. Had a relaxing afternoon at home and then picked up little man and dropped him off in Burnsville for a sleepover with grandma & grandpa so we could have a night out on the town. Started out with drinks and appetizers at Palomino and then headed over to the Graves 601 hotel so Brian could experience the Bradstreet Crafthouse's expert "mixologists" - I think he enjoyed sampling their whiskey menu ;) Ended the night with a late dinner at Bar La Grassa. I fell in love with prosciutto when I studied abroad in Spain and couldn't eat it when I was pregnant, so was really excited to order it for an appetizer...

I feel so blessed to be married to such an amazing man. Thanks for the first 5 and cheers to the next 5 my love!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Swaddle Detox

Swaddling has worked like a charm for us - it's been a good run. Alas all good things have to come to an end. Hold that thought...

Signing up for Mama & Me class right after E was born was one of the best things I could have done. Since it was such a good experience I signed up for Amma's Beyond Newborn class. Ethan and and I had our first of 6 sessions on Monday evening. So far so good - really like the other 4 mom's in the group. Ethan "talked" through most of class and kept turning his head to look at the pretty little girls - I think he is a ladies man already! A hot topic was starting swaddle detox. I knew this day was coming but Ethan was showing off and almost rolled over from front to back in class which solidified starting the process. One school of thought says that 4 months is the magic age to stop swaddling for developmental reasons. Our teacher/nurse is more along the lines of as soon as they start trying to roll over or break out of the swaddle wrap it's a safety issue and stop immediately. As you can see from the above pics E is twisting and turning and close to rolling back to tummy.

Three nights down and he has actually adjusted pretty well. The sleep sack seems to keep him cozy and while he does flail his arms it hasn't woken him up too much.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ethan + Bella

Ethan has finally started to notice Bella. He can track her with his eyes as she roams around the room and just started reaching for her this weekend. Bella is constantly trying to sneak him kisses but I have to image now that he is able to grab a handful of her fur she might start keeping her distance...